Commercial Interior Design

Welcome to Aarch360 Design Studio, your destination for exceptional commercial interior design. With our expertise and creativity, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments that inspire and impress. Our innovative design solutions, attention to detail, and customized approach ensure that your commercial interior reflects your brand and optimizes functionality. From brand integration to time and budget management, we deliver outstanding results and client satisfaction. Trust us to elevate your workspace to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the difference with Aarch360 Design Studio.

Office Design

We believe that a well-designed office must effectively communicate the image of your business and fulfill all your current and near future requirements.

We start the design process with an understanding of your needs, your business identity and budgets. This enables us to tailor a space that communicates your image and fulfils your functional requirements while meeting both your budgets and timelines.

Store Design

Whether it’s creating a new brand identity, or adapting an existing design to new locations, we offer our retail clients a range of services, including complete interior design, brand manual creation, and turnkey contracting.

We believe that our depth of experience in the field of interior design and interior construction across segments make us your ideal partner for growth across India and internationally.


Custom Solutions

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True elements of surprise, they break up the compositional layout, creating a stylistic point of interest, and interrupting the continuous effect of the fabric covering, visually lightening the volume at the rear. A solution designed to optimise both look and form, created with the know-how about design and the savoir-faire associated with fine tailoring that have always distinguished the Minotti brand.